We take an assets based approach to problem solving. We believe the best changes can be driven by focusing on the strengths of a system.
We work by envisioning what might be and create a

dialogue for change that works ‘with’ the culture of the firm.




Organizations are dynamic systems with inter-linked parts which influence and counter influence each other. We take multi-level view of a situation.
This allows us to find the root of the problem and

not just treat a symptom.




Scalability and flexibility are at the core of our solutions. Our solutions work with the realities of today and account for the trends that may emerge tomorrow.
We believe that for change to succeed it must be

We also focus on execution and methods that make the desired change


Our tools

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The world is shaped by two things: The stories told and the memories they leave behind” – Vera Nazarian

Storytelling is an ancient art form that is seeing a huge revival in corporate settings. Stories are a powerful tool for conveying meaning as well as sharing experiences and insights in a highly engaging format.

Organizations and individuals alike are tapping into the power of storytelling.

* Creating powerful corporate cultures: By sharing and embedding values through stories

* Change management: by helping people connect and align with the strategic goals.

* Leadership: Leaders are recognizing the inherent power of stories in motivating people, conveying powerful ideas, and creating connections.

For individuals, storytelling is a form of self-exploration which allows one to communicate more authentically and connect more deeply. Storytelling is also being used to re-invent resumes so that they become more powerful symbols of self-expression. Given the power of stories to invoke in-depth reflection and engagement it is also a powerful tool in coaching and mentoring.

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thinking hats

Six thinking hats is an internationally used popular method of facilitating a structured exchange of ideas. Whether in meetings or in a brain storming session around strategy, in new product development or launch of new initiatives, Edward De Bono’s six thinking hats allows all individuals to be involved and arrive at the desired outcome in a structured format.

Use the six thinking hats method to be more productive, focused and mindfully involved in the process at hand as well enabling true value creation at the team level.

For more information visit this link.

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case studies

Case studies and surveys are two ways of uncovering knowledge that may otherwise be lost in most organizations. While surveys provide quantitative knowledge, the case studies provide richness and nuances to the issue at hand.

Our people have been trained by the experts in case study from the Richard Ivey School of business to write case studies for organizations as tool for enabling greater learning within organizations. We also have extensive experience in multi-level quantitative surveys at an international level.

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