Corporate Storytelling

Why corporate storytelling


Corporate storytelling is one of the most powerful tools available to organizations today to create engaged and involved relationships within the company as well as with its external stakeholders. Storytelling is not a communication strategy, it is a connection strategy. Organizations use stories for building influence skills, leadership capabilities, culture change, presentation skills, corporate communication, branding as well as networking skills.

Bring storytelling to your firm

We aim to train the organization to harness the power of storytelling. We use appreciative enquiry techniques to create the solution which is a natural fit with the strengths of the organization. Creating the ability to identify powerful stories, telling them in a compelling way and integrating them with the needs of the organization forms the core of our approach.

The following tools are used to create the storytelling culture:

(a) Story appreciation workshops: These cover the introduction to storytelling and the power of stories to engage, motivate and change behavior. Can be combined with Storylabs™.

(b) One on one Coaching: These sessions help busy senior leaders prepare for the Story Lab ™ in a more meaningful manner. This is also an opportunity to create a more in-depth and personalized dialogue around storytelling and stories an individual may wish to share.

(c) StoryLab ™:  This is a practical hands on session where participants share and refine the stories collected to make them ready for use. Due to the intensity of the module small groups are recommended.

(d) StoryAudit ™ : This is an in-depth analysis of the communication strategy and marketing material of the organization to see where the stories can be best utilized.


Very engaging and never a dull moment – shoots information sharply and clearly.” –  ( L. Tan, MNC Singapore)

I loved it! probably the best seminar I’ve attended. extremely engaging and captivating with great supporting videos/pictures/stories. ” – (Siqi Y, Fortune 500 Singapore)

Great, excellent, dynamic, perfect. ” – (Magella B, Fortune 500 Singapore)

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